1. Is virtual as good as in person or is the energy less?

The energy is Divine, so it is ever present and flows sure and true.

I have done phone readings, intuitive counseling and Reiki by phone for over 20 years and it has always benefited the client.

With the new technologies we now can see each other through Zoom or FaceTime, so you have the face-to-face like an office visit.

It is marvelous what technology can do to bring us together in positive ways.

Enjoy a session from the comfort and convenience of your home.

2. Can the energy be blocked?

No. It is the white light of the Divine. It has no boundaries.

I will often say to people with humor, “God is bigger than a bread box. You can’t put restrictions on the Divine.”

If you have any other questions about a virtual session,
please give me a call at 210-365-1400