Book List

A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield
It is a wise and gentle guidebook for this journey of soul that makes life much more satisfying.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum
A delightful book that brings you back to the basics and reminds you of the wonder in the world.

Archangels & Ascended Masters by Doreen Virtue,Ph.D.
A book listing 77 divinities in an easy to read form with a background on each and prayer to invoke for their help.

Around the Year with Emmet Fox by Emmet Fox
A book of daily readings from a metaphysical point of view by one of the leaders of the New Thought movement. Each day of the year contains a Bible verse and the metaphysical interpretation. It challenges you to “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk.”

Ask and It Is Given, Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther & Jerry Hicks
The book presents the teachings of the nonphysical entity Abraham, and teaches how to manifest your desires so that you’re living the joyous and fulfilling life we all deserve. There are also weekly tapes you can order. Their website:

Awakening Spirits by Tom Brown
This book explores the author’s spiritual training by an Apache tribesman and how to incorporate this knowledge into a dynamic meditation.

Be Here Now by Ram Dass
This is a book that speaks of spirituality by Christian, Hindu and Buddhist paths. The author shows how similar the paths are, yet each has a flavor of its own.

Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas by Elaine Pagels
At the center of her book is the conflict between the gospels of John and Thomas.

Born A Healer Chunyi Lin with Gary Rebstock
This book explains Master Lin’s philosophy and method of healing through Spring Forest Qigong. It is easy to read and is beneficial to anyone interested in healing energy.

Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness and the Search for Meaning by Dr. Jean Bolen
A Jungian analyst, Dr. Bolen offers a thought-provoking and optimistic view about the roles patient, friend, and physician may play during life-threatening illnesses.

Communicating with the Archangel Gabriel by Richard Webster
This book guides you to easily and clearly on how to communicate with the archangel Gabriel.

Conquest of Mind by Eknath Easwaran
It is an excellent guide, not only to learning how to control one’s mind during meditation, but also to aid in stopping the awful tapes we play inside our heads. You know the kind: “I’m too fat to wear this kind of thing.” “I look old and ugly.” “I could never do that.” All the stuff we say to defeat ourselves.

Contacting Your Spirit Guide by Sylvia Brown
This book is designed to help you find your spirit guides which are the entities designated by you and God to help you with your life and give you guidance.

Conversations with God (Volumes 1,2,3) by Neal Donald Walsh
Volumes of spiritual truth: chock full of thought- provoking, mind-blowing ideas and life-changing truths. Debunks the dogma of organized religion and answers every question you ever had about God and our purpose on Earth.

Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life by Shakti Gawain
This classic guide is filled with meditations, exercises and techniques to change negative mental imaging to positive visions to manifest the life you truly want.

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham
It is a great reference book for understanding the properties and uses of the stones. It is also very helpful in finding what stones are right for you intuitively.

Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph.D.
This book explores what happens after the soul leaves the body and before we return in another body.

Discover Your Spiritual Destiny by Kim O’Neill
Learn to listen to your angels in order to discover your life’s work and to manifest all manner of positive things in your life.

Divine Magic-The Seven Secrets of Manifestation by Doreen Virtue
A revised and edited interpretation of the classic hermetic manual The Kybalion. It is a simple and clear presentation fo the seven sacred principles of manifesting.

Dr. Judith Orloff’s Guide to Intuitive Healing: 5 Steps to Physical, Emotional and Sexual Wellness
This practical book is well written giving facts based on Dr. Orloff’s experience as a psychiatrist, professor and everyday individual. The book is designed to help you nurture your intuitive ability for your health and well being.

Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue PH.D.
A pocket guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Walk-ins, and Wizards.

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything
across Italy, India and Indonesia
by Elizabeth Gilbert
This book explores one woman’s travels as she journeys through lands and her own musings about love, God and self.

Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul by Carolyn Myss
This book will take you on a walk to the center of your soul.

Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul by Deborah Kesten
This is a practical guidebook to healthy eating through the ancient food wisdom from around the world.

Foundations for Centering Prayer and the Christian Contemplative Life (A compilation of three books: Open Mind, Open Heart; Invitation to Love; The Mystery of Christ) by Father Thomas Keating, OCSO
This compilation incorporates spirituality, psychology, philosophy, and a method of achieving contemplation and transforming union with God. It also sees the Gospels in the light of centering prayer.

Guardians of Hope, the Angel’s Guide to Personal Growth by Terry Lynn Taylor
This is an angel-oriented collection of over 60 self-help practices based on the idea that angels can add a sense of fun, love, and adventure to even the most stressful and fast-paced lifestyle. Angels create miracles, make us happy, enhance our creativity, and bring lightness to life’s heavy and difficult problems.

Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan
An excellent book for clarifying the human energy field and how it is the starting point of health and happiness.

Healing After Loss by Martha Whitmore Hickman
It is a daily reader filled with meditations for working through grief.

Healing and the Mind by Bill Moyers
This book explores the questions we all ask. How do thoughts and feelings influence health? How is healing related to the mind?

Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection by James Van Praagh
This book is to help you develop your psychic abilities and connect with the other side.

Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul: 101 True Stories of Angels, Miracles, and Healings by Arielle
It is perfect for those who love magic and mystery, and who know that an unseen, loving presence is watching over us. This is an inspiring collection of mystical experiences involving angels, miracles, near-death experiences, divine interventions, animal experiences, personal transformations, and miraculous healings.

Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover, 101 True Stories of Soul Mates Brought Together by Divine Intervention by Arielle Ford
This is a book for those who know that what you wish, the Universe will provide and for those who don’t yet believe, but want to know. It is very enlightening.

I Could Do Anything – If Only I Knew What it Was by Barbara Sher
This is a great book to get you started on manifesting that perfect job or work environment. “When you get near people who are pursuing their heart’s desire, you
can see the intensity on their faces. Life is just too short to live
without that kind of focus.”

If the Buddha Dated: A Handbook for Finding Love on a Spiritual Path by Charlotte Sophia, Phd.
Kasl Kasl is about explaining how being “right” with yourself and knowing what it is that you want helps you attract that person.

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling by Wayne W. Dyer

This book gives you a wonderful perspective of why you came down here to have a human experience.

I’ll Hold You in Heaven by Jack Hayford
The author offers you insight into tough questions through scripture.

Intimacy with God: An Introduction to Centering Prayer by Father Thomas Keating, OCSO
This book introduces you to Centering Prayer a “how to do” method to bring oneself to contemplation of God by calming the mind of its busyness with thoughts. It is the Christian spin on the type of meditation used in the East to achieve enlightenment, or in this case, union with God and transformation of oneself into “love.”

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton
Journey of Souls is a controversial yet inspiring investigation of the big question we all face at one point or another: “What happens after we die?” To find the answer, Newton opens cases from his private practice in which he hypnotically regressed his clients to a point between lives–after death, but before birth.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding
This is a six volume set that explores the work of spiritual masters that have and are helping mankind.

Living in the Light: A Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation by Shakti Gawain
This book aids you in learning to rely on your intuition as a guiding force in your life to stay on the path of light.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankle
It brings back into focus that no matter what, every person is important.

Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda
A wonderful book of affirming meditations.

One Last Time by John Edward
It is a wonderful book of understanding and connection with loved ones that have crossed over.

Open your Mind to Receive by Catherine Ponder
An easy read, this book gives you the tools to fine-tune your mind to the positive.

Powerful is the Light by Hazel Deane
This is a book tells the story of Nona Brooks, a founder of Divine Science, and her journey of transformation.

Prophecy by Sylvia Browne
She has listed her prophecies up to 2100 at which time she says she sees nothing beyond 2100. Interesting reading.

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
A book about spiritual quest, it follows Siddhartha on his journey of enlightenment

Soul Communication by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha
It gives a detailed account on how to build your message center, develop third eye, and have communication with Holy Beings for guidance, remote healing, and wisdom.

Soul Psychology by Joshua David Stone
This is book is a good manual for achieving self-love, personal power, and Christ Consciousness. It has many tools that will transforming the mind and emotions.

Spiritual Classics : Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups on the Twelve Spiritual Disciplines by Foster and Emilie Griffin
Richard Foster and Emilie Griffith offer their expertise by selecting inspirational writings and including their own commentary and recommendations for further guided reading and exploration.

Succulent Wild Woman by Sark
A riot of fun and color and caring for ones self. It is a book dedicated to lighting a torch that will illuminate even the darkest corners of the soul.

Talking To Heaven by James Van Praagh
If you are questioning life after death, this is a must read. This book also helps with communicating with those who have crossed over.

Tara’s Angels by Kirk Moore
A wonderful testimony to the human spirit. It’s very powerful and healing . A book that you can’t put down until you have finished it.

The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price
A deceptively small book that is filled with a lot of punch, including a forty-day prosperity plan for you to follow.

The Art of Effortless Living by Ingrid Bacci
A practical guide to being more effective by living a balanced, peaceful life.

The Art of Happiness by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, M.D.
The Dalai Lama offers readers a way to defeat day-to-day depression, anxiety, anger, jealousy, or just an ordinary bad mood. The Art of Happiness crosses the boundaries of all traditions to help readers with the difficulties common to all human beings.

The Book of Chakras by Ambika Wauters
It is very informative book that includes affirmations, meditations, essential oils, and crystals for every chakra.

The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue, P.H.D.
This book covers the purpose of Indigo children, practical helpful solutions for these children including Angel Therapy. It is a very interesting book for those who work and live with these children.

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
This is thriller that includes information about secret religious societies.

The Dark Before the Dawn: 70 Secrets to Self-discovery by Theresa Castro
This book is a step-by-step approach to self-discovery. Based on the author’s own journey, it is presented in a way that is useful for anyone who is working to move beyond despair and get what they want out of relationships, career or everyday life.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
This is a wonderful book that tells a simple truth about our Divine connection to each other.

The Healing Secrets of the Ages by Catherine Ponder
This book addresses the healing power of the mind presenting it in 12 different aspects. Easy to re ad and excellent information.

The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn
“By studying and practicing the principles laid down in this book, one may find prosperity, solve problems, have better health, achieve good personal relations–in a word, win the game of life.”

-Dr. Norman
Vincent Peale

The Language of Positive Thinking A Blue Mountain Arts Collection
This is a wonderful book filled with positive poems and sayings to use in your day- to-day living.

The Now Age : Demystifying Spirituality, the New Age and the Metaphysical by Zsuzsana Summer
This book is a gentle reminder of spiritual practices and insights that will aid you in your day-to-day life. It offers basic, solid guidance for lightworkers and light seekers alike, in capturing the magic of new age living.

The Other Side of Death by Jan Price
In this book, Jan recounts her near-death experience and the lessons she learned from it.

The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer
This is a great book for learning how to connect with the positive energy of the universe and manifest your desires.

The Power of Karma by Mary T. Browne
It explains how karma affects reincarnation, health, sex, money, power, and balance.

The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle
It talks about the incredible power of being in the now. We cannot live in the past; we can learn from the past but cannot have attachments to it. We can plan for the future, but cannot live in the future; waiting for the time we can be happy. By being in the present moment, we can connect to our higher selves and to the creator. No negativity or fear can exist in the now. In addition, we are not our minds. Our minds are a tool for us to use. The constant ramblings of the mind and the ego cannot exist when you are concentrating on the present moment. Peace and love exist in the present. Tolle talks about why we do some of the things we do without going into confusing psychological terms. This is an incredible book that explains a simple, but extremely powerful practice that will bring peace and balance to your life.

The Prospering Power of Love by Catherine Ponder
This book is a blueprint for living a life of joy, confidence and love.

The SAI Prophecy by Barbara Gardner
This novel is a real page turner. It is an adventure story that affirms the possibility that our lives are predestined and we are very loved. It describes how well Spirit takes care of us and meets our needs before we even know that we have them.

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav
This book is about experiencing human perception beyond the five senses. It is about the values of the soul-harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life through alignment of the personality with the soul.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
This book will teach you the ins and outs and wonderment of the law of attraction.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
In this book, the author offers a life-altering perspective on the attainment of success. The book helps you understand your true nature and to learn to live in harmony with natural law.

The Sixth Sense of Children by Litany Burns
This book talks about how teachers and parents can encourage children with their different intuitive abilities.It also offers ways to develop and know which abilities each child has.

There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Wayne Dyer
When confronted with a problem such as disease, financial worries, or relationship difficulties, we often depend on intellect to solve it. In this book the reader gets help step back from the physical world and awaken to the divine within.

Two Old Women: An Alaskan Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival by Velma Wallis
An inspirational story of two women that will speak with clarity and wisdom to your heart.

Walking in the Garden of Souls by George Anderson and Andrew Barone
Advice from the hereafter for living in the here and now is the whole of this book. In it the authors discuss how the souls are still with us, although not physically and that we should be happy for them on their passing. It also talks about difficulties we face with the death of a loved one.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives by Dan Millman
It is a practical look at a young man’s life lessons that were delivered in an unusual way. This book is an easy read packed with wisdom and adventure.

We Are One Another by Arthur Guirdhan
This book is about reincarnation and how groups of people meet up again together in other lifetimes.

Wheels of Light by Rosalyn L. Bruyere
This book combines a study of cultural views of the chakras and human auras and includes scientific research using instrumentation to chronicle energy fields with human healing.

When do the Tears Stop byJoy Brisbane
This is an excellent book for anyone going through grief of any sort. It speaks of the healing process and the understanding that love cannot die.

Where Spirits Dance by Linda Everett Moyé
This book of poetry is the fourth published collection of her work.
“In Where Spirits Dance, Linda Everett Moyé takes love to places where most of us only dream about.”

-Tracie J. Scott, author of The Puzzle

Wherever You Go, There You Are : Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life by Jon Kabat-Zinn
This book is about mindfulness and being rather than focusing on doing; to pay attention to each moment you are in. He also describes several meditations you can use and what their benefits are.

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones compiled by Paul Reps
A wonderful collection of Zen parables and stories, this book offers wisdom and insight into the human condition from a new perspective.