Angel In Your Life

As you tread down the darkest pathways
of the winding road called “Life”,
you look at all the things around
and dwell on your troubles and strife.
But what about all the good things?
The things you should concentrate on…
like the gifts your angel brings you
such as the sun coming up at dawn.
When you wake up every morning
and grumble about the new day,
why can’t you change your point of view,
and let that angel guide your way?
Start with just a simple smile–
a gentle upturn of your lips.
Try to hear what it is your angel says
when she’s giving you hints and tips.
She’s nudging you in a direction
which may not seem clear to you at all,
but if you go that way and stumble,
she’ll always catch you when you fall.

Please enjoy this with my blessing,
Toni Bishop