About Briana’s Readings:

Briana receives information from your guardian angel to give to you. The information may come in the form of visions, feelings, words and symbols. Briana interprets the information and shares it with you.

That is why a reading with Briana is a conversation because she is interpreting and wants your input for clarity. She is required by the angels to share with you everything she is given and sometimes only you will know what it means.

Have your questions ready to ask and they will be answered by your Guardian Angel. Your Guardian Angel may want to tell you something you didn’t ask about as well.

Mediumship: If you have someone that has died that you would like to contact Briana can "place the call" so to speak and help you visit with them.

Career: If you have questions about promotion, moving, changing careers, etc. let Briana get you the guidance you need from your Guardian Angel.

Personal: Checking on your family, how to make your life better…whatever you want to ask to help you get the guidance you need.

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